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Copy Signature from PDF

You can extract digital signatures from PDF with this AI tool

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Extract signature from pdf

How to Cut Out Signature from PDF?

  • Crop signature out of PDF

    Step 1. Crop Signature out of PDF

    Open your PDF file, and make a screenshot of the PDF. Make sure the signature is centered in the screenshot, then save the image.

  • Upload signature image

    Step 2. Upload Signature Image

    Upload the image you just got to AnyEraser signature background remover, which contains the signature you want to extract.

  • Remove background from image

    Step 3. Remove Background from Signature

    AnyEraser automatically isolates the signature from its background interference and takes it out of PDF image.

  • Download transparent signature

    Step 4. Download Signature PNG

    You now get the well-defined signature cutout. Click the Download button to save the transparent signature as a PNG file.

Get the Best Signature Cutout By Doing This

For optimal results when extracting a signature from a PDF, it's essential to first crop around the signature text. Typically, PDFs contain various elements, such as thick typed text, while signatures often appear as handwritten names. This can pose a challenge for signature extractors to differentiate between signature text and other content. Therefore, start by making a precise, signature-centered crop to ensure a clean and accurate extraction.

PDF with full text

Images with full text make it challenging to extract signatures.

Signature image

Signature-centered images will ensure a better result.

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