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Passport Photo Maker - DIY Passport Photo By Yourself

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Create passport photo by yourself

Remove Improper Background Automatically

When creating a passport photo by yourself, improper passport photo backgrounds become a problem. However, it means nothing if you use our passport photo maker. Our advanced algorithm automatically detects and removes unwanted backgrounds, ensuring that your passport photos can seamlessly incorporate the backgrounds that meet the highest standards of quality and adherence to regulations.

Remove background from profile photo

Cut the Photo to Any Needed Sizes of Passport Photo

You don't need to exclusively find a cropping tool because our one-stop passport photo resizer & maker allows you to precisely cut the photo for different requirements. Generally speaking, the widely-used passport photo size is 2×2 inches, equally 600×600 pixels. Once you enter the size into our tool, it will automatically resize the passport photo to this size perfectly, whether it's a passport, visa, ID card, or driver's license.

Crop image to passport photo size

Change Background to Standard Passport Photo Color

Opt for a sleek and professional look by changing your passport photo background to a standard color. With our passport photo maker, you have the option to replace the background with a consistent and accepted color, enhancing the overall appearance of your passport pic. For example, you can create a standard white background passport photo by using our tool to replace the original background with solid white.

Passport photo with solid background
Passport photo with solid background

Download High-Quality Passport Photo After Retouching

It's vital to ensure the passport photo is well-presented and in high-definition because it is often used for identification. When using our passport photo maker to diy passport photo, you'd better make use of the Edit feature to retouch the profile, ensuring your portrait is preserved intact. And we guarantee that the final passport photo will be saved in HD.

Download HD passport photo
Get standard passport photo

Effortless Passport Photo Creation at Your Fingertips

Looking for a convenient way to create passport photos without the hassle of visiting a studio? Our passport photo maker is the solution you've been waiting for. With just a few clicks, you can create professional passport photos from the comfort of your home.

Easily Make Professional Passport Photo

  • Upload a profile

    1. Upload a Profile

    Be free to take your own passport photo at home, and upload the photo to our passport photo maker.

  • Edit the passport photo

    2. Edit the Passport Photo

    After the improper background is automatically removed, retouch the cutout, change the background & resize the photo.

  • Download the photo

    3. Download HD Passport Photo

    Finally, you can click on Download to save the professional passport photo in JPG or PNG format.

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