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Background Remover for Individuals

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Background remover for individuals
Make stylish and transparent PFP

Remove Background & Make Stylish Profile Picture

It is a breeze to make transparent PFP or change background. This pro background remover requires only 1 click to remove background accurately and precisely. You can add a solid blue, white, or grey background, for your CV or LinkedIn headshot. Of course, it is also easy to use a customized backdrop to let your profile picture pop on Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, etc.

Change background for image
Add background to picture

Craft Eye-Catching Photos for Social Media

Gone are the days when one has to take a significant amount of time or effort to craft appealing personal pictures. This AI-powered background remover can erase the distracting backdrop and swap to a more suitable one to ensure you are focal of the image. With AnyEraser software at your disposal, you can slash much time and gain perfect picture in no time.

create passport photo quickly

Create Passport & ID Photo Quickly & Securely

AnyEraser fast and safe background remover facilitates creating a professional passport or ID photo for a driving license, visa, employee ID, etc. Upload your headshot and follow the screen prompt to download perfect passport photo. No registration is required. And the picture you uploaded will be deleted immediately after the task finishes.

Remove Background like a Pro

  • Perfect edge

    Perfect Hair Edge

    Being fed with thousands of images of every type, AnyEraser is able to handle feathers, hair, or complex edges in an easy yet professional way.

  • Easy to use

    Easy Process

    Backed up with Artificial Intelligence, this auto background remover tool can make background transparent instantly once you upload the image.

  • High efficiency

    High Efficiency

    Instead of manually selecting the unwanted background, you can get rid of the background in less than 5 seconds with our fast background remover.

How to Remove Background from Image Automatically?

Upload a picutre

Upload a Picture

Remove background automatically

Remove Background Automatically

Download picture

Download Desired Picture

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