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How to Add White Background to Photo?

  • Original photo

    Upload an imperfect photo to the white background editor.

  • Remove photo background

    Remove the background effortlessly with AI technology.

  • Add new color backgroud

    Choose the solid white background as the new backdrop.

Tailor Your Photo with Customized Tools

Pro cutout modes

Pro Cutout Modes

Choose the exclusive cutout mode to remove background from the target subject with impeccable results.

Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds

Stylish Background

Upload stylish images to be the new photo background and showcase the subject against a proper backdrop.

Custom size

Custom Size

Customize the dimensions or use the preset sizes for Amazon products, Instagram posts, etc., to get ready photos efficiently.

Practical Usage of White Background Editor

Make White Background Transparent with AI

We adopt advanced AI technology to detect various kinds of photos so that you can easily complete background removal. This tool goes into remarkable effect when you use it to remove white background from image.

Change Background to White Online

If you prefer a quick and easy way to add white background to PNG, this online white background maker will be a great help, which prepares a pure white background for pictures in formal usage. You can create a white background for photos directly on the platform.

Add Background to Photo at Will

In addition to the white background, we also encourage you to change background to different colors as you like. Using the color panel, you can define the proper color to suit the subject, creating a more visually appealing image.

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