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Pro Background Remover – AnyErase

Automatically remove the background from the image in 1 click and shows you a net cutout with a natural look.

Remove image background automatically

AnyErase Is Trusted By

  • Uptodown
  • Softonic
  • CNET Download
  • Softpedia
  • Software Informer

Online Background Remover

  • No software installation
  • Auto-removal in 1 click
  • Deal with JPG/PNG image

Pro AnyErase Background Remover

  • Remove background in batches
  • Optimal cutout at a lightning-fast speed
  • Photo resizing & adding new background
  • Support more formats, including WebP, JPEG, etc.
  • Clear unwanted objects with precise control
  • Be able to delete/add watermarks to images

Remove Backgrounds from Different Images






Remove background from people

If you are a social media influencer, our background remover is helpful to elevate your profile photo. It efficiently removes unwanted backgrounds from your profile photo and allows you to add a new stylish background. You can use it to get the net cutout effortlessly and make an eye-catching profile!

Remove background from animal

All of you understand it’s challenging to deal with animal fur when editing photos, so you have to compromise on the imperfect animal cutout. Yet, no concession anymore. AnyErase is improved to provide accurate results, keeping the perfect appearance of your cute pets.

Remove background from products

Does your product photo look dull? And the more annoying thing is that those dull photos are in a great number. Well, AnyErase will remove the boring background automatically in 1 click and its bulk background removal feature dramatically streamlines your workflow.

Remove background from logos

The transparent logo has a wide versatility and can be incorporated into any design seamlessly. If you are looking for a clean and professional way to represent your brand, consider using a transparent logo and try AnyErase’s customized logo background to clear the messed background from the logo.

Remove background from food

Some tips to gain more likes on your social media posts of self-made meals. First make the food image background transparent and then create some eye-catching designs on it. By the way, AnyErase provides a convenient way to ease the work because its AI technology will remove the background from food automatically and precisely. Then you could directly start the creation with the transparent food image.

More Than a Background Remover AnyErase Possesses Many Useful Features

Refresh Photo with New Background

Bothered by unsatisfying photo backgrounds? With AnyErase, you can make your photo full of possibilities. Its feature of background adding lets you transport your images to a whole new setting while promising a seamless integration with no awkward edges or mismatched lighting.

Add new background to photo

Elevate Your Photo by Further Editing

Sometimes, the perfect edit requires a human touch. With our Edit feature, you can restore any areas that were removed in the AI removal process. Conversely, you can further remove any unwanted elements. Furthermore, you can cast shadows on the final cutout, making it real and natural.

Edit the cutout

Bulk Background Processing for Time-Saving

No more the tedious task of removing backgrounds one by one. Whether you have a stack of product photos or a collection of portraits, this feature empowers you to remove backgrounds from 50+ images simultaneously. Top-notch quality quality is ensured even when dealing with multiple images.

Bulk background remover

Crop Your Photo to Expected Sizes

Your images, most time, need cropping if you tend to use them in different situations. Considering this scenario, we also developed a built-in photo resizer to help you trim images to any size you need. Or, you can directly use the preset sizes that are ready for Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Resize photo

Why You Choose AnyErase

This professional background remover software has stunning features and still keeps upgrading. It enables you to get a satisfactory output easily.


Automatic Background Removal

Backed up by artificial intelligence, it can recognize the background of a photo and remove it automatically. No worries about unsatisfied results at all. AnyErase is powerful enough to deal with background from plain to complex, so you are saved from further manual drawing of residue.


Take Control of Details

AnyErase is equipped with the best-in-class algorithm to handle curved edges very well. So, you can get rid of the worry about intricate details like flying hair or feathers. AnyErase will demonstrate its superb ability and present the cutout with a very natural-looking shape.


High-Quality Output

Very often, the poor quality of a photo greatly reduces its beauty. This is why people are keen on high-quality pictures. AnyErase performs well in this regard. Besides the neat feathered cutout, AnyErase promises an HD output, which keeps the best visuals with lossless quality.

How to Remove Background from Image with AnyErase?

Upload Photos

Run AnyErase and upload a photo that needs editing. You could also navigate to the Batch Background Remover, where you can upload 50 images in one go.

Upload photos

Erase the Background Automatically

AnyErase automatically removes backgrounds from images within seconds and delivers neat cutouts, whatever the type of image is.

Remove image background

Export the HD Image

After that, you are encouraged to export the cleanup picture with HD quality. Remember to set PNG as the output format before exporting it.

Download the image
Upload a photos
Remove image background
Download the image

They Have Nice User-Experience on AnyErase

head picture

Daisy Nguyen

28 people find this review helpful

One of the best apps I've ever used. This is a clean, easy-to-use software that has a very user-friendly UI. It's really good. Additionally, the auto bg removal feature is the best. Oh, it also surprises me with the support of various image formats. To be honest, I often download images from the web, and they are kept in WEBP, which brings hassles to open it. But AnyEarse can deal with this format. Thanks for that and I can now easily remove the background from WEBP photos.

head picture

Megan Watt

19 people find this review helpful

This application delivers every time! AnyErase doesn't bombard you with ads at all. Instead, it consistently gives a great result! You spend no time getting used to it due to the intuitive interface, and it always is easy to make beautiful transparent background pics! Love it! It has helped tremendously with my Amazon product photos.

head picture

Steve Lin

29 people find this review helpful

By far, a great app I’ve used for removing backgrounds! The eraser has 8 different cutout modes for varied needs: people, animals, logos, products, etc. The automatic background removal feature ensures me get a transparent background with ease. No need to worry about further manual improvement because it is even good at dealing with animal fur. That's the trick!

head picture

Katherine Smalley

20 people find this review helpful

Thanks to AnyErase, as a graphic designer, I can achieve the level of precision that the job demands. Its automatic removal function really saves me lots of time, and I am allowed to focus more on the designs. The interface is self-explanatory, and it is pretty easy to use.

head picture

James Metzger

15 people find this review helpful

Does exactly as it say. This automatic picture eraser works efficiently in removing whatever background you don't want in an image. It is a very efficient tool as well. Besides that, it features a watermark removal feature to help you manually erase any unwanted spots on the image, such as text, time marks, watermarks, and so on. All in all, the best image cutout tool I've used yet.

AnyErase Has Wide Application in Practice

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