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Bulk Background Remover -- AI Remove Background

Our AI background remover helps to remove image backgrounds in batches in a snap. It supports uploading 50 images at one time.

Resize photo for any site

Remove Bundles of Backgrounds from Images at Once

Upload Photo

Choose Batch Background Remover and upload photos. You can pick images one by one or directly drag a file folder into it.

Customize Image Sizes

After uploading, AnyErase starts running and removes backgrounds from piles of images in one go.

Download Photo

AnyErase allows you to change the transparent background to any you like. For example, you can use a white background for your Amazon product photo.

Download Photo

If those images are in the proper sizes, you can export them all then. Alternatively, further using the Resize feature ensures you get perfect results.

Process Your Photos in Batches

Remove Background
Change Background
Resize Photo

Our easy-to-use AnyErase launched a batch background remover tool, which takes the batch background removal automatically, so you can get perfect cutouts while reducing labor costs associated with manual editing.

Creat video tutorials by video recorder

If you run an e-commerce store, you need to replace the product photos with white backgrounds most of the time. Instead of doing repetitive work of changing their backgrounds one by one, you can use AnyErase to edit 50 images in one go.

Generate engaging videos for streaming sites

Before uploading your photo to a specific platform, you can use AnyErase to sync multiple images into the same dimensions at once. Moreover, the tool offers widely-used sizes for some popular platforms, such as Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube.

Record discussions for future review

With AnyErase Spend Less, Enjoy More

Removing backgrounds from photos is always a troublesome task, especially when the sum of photos is big. If you are looking for some professional help, you have to pay a bit of money. No worry! AnyErase, the AI-powered tool, comes out to be an affordable solution, reducing your consumption of money and time.

Resize Image for Web
  • Time-Saving

    Process 50pcs at one go

  • Cost-Effective

    Much cheaper than manual service

  • Ease-of-Use

    No skilled manual editing at all

  • AI-Powered

    AI recognition for background removal

  • Consistent Look

    Keep your product photos uniform

  • Control-of-Precision

    Impeccable with fur, hair, and ragged edges

We Receive “GOOD” from Users

4.9 of 5 stars

This is honestly the best background remover. Just upload your photo, and damn, in 3 seconds or less, no more backgrounds. It's very accurate, neat in its erasing, and just playing awesome. I use it to make cutouts from many photos; it is really trustworthy. I recommend 100%. Once you try it, you will be amazed as well. You will also give them 5 stars.

Shawn Don

If removing the background of images is your problem, I can confidently assure you that AnyErase is all you need. It's easy to use for all, even tech fools. One amazing thing about the background remover is its ability to remove an image's background in a few seconds without altering the quality of the images, though, when dealing with 50 images at one time.


I am a designer for an e-commerce store. My work is closely associated with photo editing, especially when creating white backgrounds for products. You guess what? I found this amazing background remover tool. Its batch solution dramatically simplifies my workflow. Thanks so much!


It seems to be upgraded and adds a new function for searching backgrounds. I love this to hell! It is so convenient to change backgrounds with all the templates I want. Yes, I often have to replace a uniform background for my wares on Amazon. AnyErase is a good helper.


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