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Make Scanned Signature Transparent

Precisely extract signature from scanned image

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Scanned signature
Remove background from scanned signature

How to Remove Background from Scanned Signature?

  • Scan your signature

    Step 1. Create a Scanned Signature

    Write your signature on physical paper, scan it with a scanner to convert it into a digital one, and save the scanned signature image.

  • Upload image to AnyEraser

    Step 2. Upload the Scanned Image

    After getting a scanned image with your signature focused, you can upload the photo to AnyEraser signature extractor.

  • Remove background from scanned signature

    Step 3. Extract E-Signature from Image

    AnyEraser will exactly recognize the scanned signature from the image and remove its background, making a transparent e-signature.

  • Download transparent signature

    Step 4. Download the Transparent E-Signature

    Now, you can download the transparent signature in PNG format and add it to different documents without crashing their contents.

How to Create a Suitable Scanned Signature?

If You Use a Scanner, What Should You Do?

Cropping is inevitable in this situation. When using a traditional scanner, you'll typically scan the entire document, which often includes both text and signatures. So, how can you ensure a clean signature cutout from the mess? You have to take a screenshot of the scanned image and crop the image to delete unwanted space around the signature.

Crop signature out of scanned document

If You Use a Scanner App, What Should You Do?

If you're using a scanner app, you should focus your camera directly on the signature. Hold the camera steady and ensure the signature is well-lit and in the center of the frame. This will help capture a clear scanned signature, making the later signature extraction more efficient and accurate.

Scan the signature

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