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Extract Signature from Signed Document

Remove background from signature stamp on a contract

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Extract signature from document

How to Take Signature Stamp Out of Contract?

  • Create a Photo for the Signature Stamp

    Step 1. Create a Photo for the Signature Stamp

    Take a photo of the signature on a physical contract, or screenshot over the signature stamp when opening a digital contract.

  • Upload image to AnyEraser

    Step 2. Upload the Signature Image

    Once you have a photo of the signature stamp, you can upload it to our stamp background remover.

  • Remove background from image

    Step 3. Remove background from Signature

    This AI tool will identify the signature on the photo and then remove background from signature automatically.

  • Download transparent signature

    Step 4. Download Transparent Signature

    After the background turns transparent, you can click the Download button to save the signature cutout in PNG format.

What Our Signature Extractor Supports?

Remove Background from Handwritten Signature

Our signature extractor can precisely identify the handwritten signatures on scanned documents or photos and then remove the white background from the signature. This tool preserves the integrity of the signature and ensures a crisp edge. You can sign different documents with this perfect digital signature with a transparent background.

Handwritten signature
Remove background from handwritten signature

Remove Background from Signature Stamp

Signature stamps often have intricate designs and details. Developed with advanced technology, our stamp background remover can handle these complexities, ensuring that every detail of the stamp is preserved while the background is removed. This is ideal for creating digital versions of signature stamps for official use.

Signature stamp
Remove background from signature stamp

Tips for Getting a Perfect Signature Cutout

Signature in focus: Make sure the signature is in the center of the ready image.

Contract Crop signature from contract

Number of targets: A definite target makes it easy and straightforward to cut out the signature, ensuring a precise extraction.

Multiple signatures Only one signature

More Signature Extractors for Specific Occasions

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