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E-Signature Maker from Picture

Convert handwritten signature to transparent e-signature with AI

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E-signature maker from picture

How to Convert Handwritten Signature to E-Signature?

  • Photograph the handwritten signature

    Step 1. Photograph the Handwritten Signature

    First, you should sign your name on a blank piece of paper and then take an HD photograph of the signature.

  • Upload the Signature Image

    Step 2. Upload the Signature Image

    Next, upload the image of your handwritten signature to our online background remover for e-signature.

  • Remove Background from the Image

    Step 3. Remove Background from the Image

    Once you upload the photo, our tool starts working. It recognizes the signature exactly and then automatically removes its background.

  • Download E-Signature with No Background

    Step 4. Download E-Signature with No Background

    After successfully removing the background, download your e-signature in PNG format.

Tips for Getting a Perfect E-Signature

Sign your name on plain paper: Using a clean, white sheet of paper without any lines or marks ensures that the background is uniform and easy to remove. This minimizes the need for extensive editing and helps maintain the integrity of your signature.

Signature over grid Handwritten signature

Take a high-resolution photo for the autograph: A high-resolution photo captures all the fine details of your signature, making it clear and legible. This is crucial for creating a professional-looking e-signature that can be easily recognized and verified.

Illigeble signature Crisp signature

Ensure one signature at a time: Commonly, the largest visible will be cut out from the photo. Therefore, multiple signatures will confuse the tool to decide its target. In that case, focusing on one signature ensures a more straightforward process.

Multiple signatures Only one signature

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Last updated: 2024-06-14

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