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Remove Background from ID Signature

Extract your ID signature with ease and precision

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Extract ID signature

How to Extract Signature from ID Card?

  • Crop your ID card photo

    Step 1. Crop Your ID Card Photo

    Take a photo of your ID card and crop the photo to create a clean area containing your signature.

  • Upload the signature image

    Step 2. Upload the Edited Image

    After getting the edited image that highlights your signature, you can upload it to our signature background remover.

  • Extract signature from image

    Step 3. Extract Signature from Image

    AnyEraser intelligently eliminates the background under the signature, providing a clean signature cutout.

  • Download transparent signature

    Step 4. Save Signature in PNG Format

    Check that the signature is still intact and clear, and then click the Download button to get the signature PNG file.

Tips for Getting a Perfect Signature Cutout

1 Sharp edge: Take a high-resolution photo of your ID signature to ensure its clear edges.

Ensure that your camera lens is steady and take a high-resolution photo of your ID. If the edges are blurry, the signature cutout may appear with pixelated surroundings (which may or may not be an issue).

Illigeble signature Crisp signature

2 Contrast: Better removal will come from the image that has a distinct contrast between the background and signature.

Typically, signatures are in black ink. Therefore, a light-colored background, such as white or pale blue, will provide the best contrast, making it easier to isolate the signature during the editing process.

Illigeble signature Crisp signature

3 Definite target: Crop your ID signature to delete excess space, making the signature the only target.

Before attempting to remove the background, crop your ID signature to eliminate any excess space. This simplifies the process of identifying and isolating the signature from the image, ensuring a more accurate and efficient cutout.

Entire ID card Only one signature

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