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How to Add Black Background to Photo Online for Free?

  • Original photo

    Drag and drop an image with black background to this free site.

  • Remove photo background

    The background changer will erase the background automatically.

  • Add new color backgroud

    Put black color as the background and download the new image.

Tailor Your Photo Perfect with More Customizations

Pro cutout modes

Pro Cutout Modes

Choose the exclusive cutout mode to remove background from the target subject with impeccable results.

Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds

Stylish Background

Upload stylish images to be the new photo background and showcase the subject against a proper backdrop.

Custom size

Custom Size

Customize the dimensions or use the preset sizes for Amazon products, Instagram posts, etc., to get ready photos efficiently.

Best Black Background Changer Online for Free

Enhance Product Photo with Black Background

Black background photo is popular in showcasing your product as it performs well in increasing contrasts and highlighting details, rendering a professional and focused look. To make a black background, you don't make an effort to prepare props before photographing. Instead, our online background changer enables you to add black background to photo in seconds. This way, you can not only slash times but also increase sales with eye-catching product pictures.

Change Background Color of Photo at No Cost

It costs too much if you want to take a portrait with black background or prepare props for taking a photo with black background. Yet, with this AI-powered free photo background editor, you can quickly add a black background to a photo without spending a dime. This black background photo editing service is completely free of charge. You don't even apply for an account before enjoying it. Besides, you won't be bothered by irritating ads when enjoying the background change services here.

Remove Background from Image Automatically

It may be challenging if you'd like to remove the background from hair or fur before adding a black background to a photo. Fortunately, our advanced background changer offers a hassle-free method to remove background from image. This AI-powered tool is able to detach the subject and erase background automatically. And all you need is to select the desired color and black out background on photo without effort.

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