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Add Background to Photo Online

Add Background

Upload or drop a photo here

Add a background to photo

How to Add a Background to a Photo?

  • Original photo

    Upload the photo you want to add a background to.

  • Remove photo background

    The background will be erased automatically.

  • Add new color backgroud

    Change background in photo with different colors.

Tailor Your Photo with More Customizations

Pro cutout modes

Pro Cutout Modes

Choose the exclusive cutout mode to remove background from the target subject with impeccable results.

Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds

Stylish Background

Upload stylish images to be the new photo background and showcase the subject against a proper backdrop.

Custom size

Custom Size

Customize the dimensions or use the preset sizes for Amazon products, Instagram posts, etc., to get ready photos efficiently.

Do More Than Adding Background to Photo

Make Perfect Transparent Background

Whether you want to get rid of the distractions in the background, isolate the subject, or create appealing visual effects, the transparent background gives the utmost freedom. It's time to say goodbye to the unwanted background. Our image background changer first acts as a background remover that empowers you to remove background instantly with high precision. Backed up by artificial intelligence technology, it is able to make background transparent effortlessly. So no worries about ruining the needed elements.

Change Background to White Easily

Wanna make your subject stand out? The clean and plain white background is the top choice to be your new background. Our user-friendly photo background editor makes it a piece of cake to seamlessly add background to photo online, and it is possible for you to add white background to photo without too much manual effort. This tool has already prepared a solid white background that covers all your needs for an e-commerce website, professional portfolio, passport photo, etc.

Add Background to PNG Freely

Transparent PNG is the ideal material to show your creativity. You can make eye-catching visual masterpieces by adding different backgrounds to the photo or polishing the image. Our online background adder enables you to not only make transparent PNG effortlessly but also add background to PNG in 1 click. Whether you prefer a plain white background, black background, or colorful image, you can fetch it here. You can also use the photo editor to add professional background to photo.

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