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Have you used up your free trial of AnyErase, or want to continue the happy journey with Pro AnyErase? Just let it go. You now have the chance to snag the free lifetime license for AnyErase! Let's explore some methods available to get it.

💡 Review AnyErase on Trustpilot

You can please share your experience with AnyErase on Trustpilot. Then, send the screenshot to [email protected]. Within 3 business days of verifying your review, we'll send you a lifetime license of 50 images.

🎬 Record a video to Share on YouTube

Create a video showcasing how AnyErase benefits you with at least 2 minutes. For example, you can make a tutorial video on how to use AnyErase to remove an image background. Title the video with "AnyErase" and include official links ( and key features in the description. Then, publish it on your YouTube channel.
You will gain 20 images for the video and an additional 100 images if it reaches 500 views within 1 month. Please send the video link to [email protected]. After our confirmation within 3 business days, we'll send you the free license.

📢 Post on Facebook or Twitter

With 500 or more followers on Facebook or Twitter, you're in on a treat! Try to post a review about AnyErase on Facebook or Twitter with the #AnyErase topic tag and include our official link (
You will receive a free lifetime license of 20 images for the post, and another 100 images are a bonus if the post gets more than 50 Shares. If you meet the count, send the post link to [email protected]. We'll check all the mentioned data and get back to you with the corresponding free license.

✍ Write a Review on the School Forum or Website

Exclusively for students! Easy Done, Easy Get.
Share your personal experience with AnyErase on your school forum or website, and you can get 50 free images for your mention of AnyErase and our official website Email [email protected] and attach the screenshot and the review link. After we check, you get the lifetime license.

📃 Write a Review on Blog/Website/Forum

If you are a blogger, or webmaster, you're able to write a thoughtful review (minimal 500 words) about AnyErase with a do-follow link. Publish it on your blog or website. Make sure the domain rating is higher than 30, and the article URL is live permanently. The higher the DA, the better the free lifetime license. 50 images for DA > 30, while 100 images for DA > 50.
If you are active in any forum with a domain rating > 30, you can insert our official link to your post and gain 20 images for your mention of AnyErase. Contact [email protected] and get the free license after our checking on the post link you offered.
(Tips: Use this tool to check DA before you post.)

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