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Image Resizer - Customize Image Sizes

It's easy and convenient to resize images to the required sizes and apply them to any site.

Resize photo for any site

Glance at Our Image Resizer

This easy-to-use image resizer is a helpful tool from AnyErase, which is known for its background removal feature. On AnyErase image pixel resizer, you can change image resolution effortlessly by entering custom width and height, or use the preset sizes for different social media platforms. You can get a well-positioned photo with only 3 steps.

Upload Photo

Step 1Upload Photo

Customize Image Sizes

Step 2Customize Image Sizes

Download Photo

Step 3Download Photo

Delicate Designs for User-Friendly Operation

  • Resize Image

    Resize Image

    As its name is called, this tool is good at resizing your photo. By entering the dimensions of width and length, this tool will change image resolution instantly.

  • Lock Ratio

    Lock Ratio

    The helpful feature is that you can click on the lock icon to fix the ratio of the original picture. The lock feature prevents the image from distortion no matter what size you enter.

  • Preset Size

    Preset Size

    The image resizer collects some commonly used sizes on different platforms, including YouTube banner, Instagram story, Facebook post, etc. If you're not sure whether your image is in the right size, you can pick the ready-to-use size for quick application.

  • Remove Background

    Remove Background

    With the top feature of AnyErase - background removal, there is no need to erase the background from your images painstakingly. One-click is all it takes to remove your existing background. And then, you can go on to resize images and adjust the cutout.

  • Move Position

    Move Position

    As this tool will automatically remove the photo background first, the position here refers to that of the photo subject. When you hover the mouse on the frame surrounding the subject, you can drag it and move it to the proper location.

  • Rotate


    It's the same as the position. "Rotate" here means you can rotate the subject by 90, 180, 270 degrees, or any angle. Adjusting the subject to an appropriate angle makes the image more appealing.

Resize Images with Various Aims

Resize Image for Web

Resize Image for Web

When publishing images on websites, blogs, resizing them to smaller dimensions reduces file size and improves webpage loading speed. This helps provide a better user experience. With our photo resizer, you can quickly enter the suitable width and height of an image, and the tool will automatically resize image pixels.

Preset size for social media

Get Fit for Social Media

It's tricky and time-consuming to adjust the images to fit standard sizes on different social platforms if you want to synchronize a post on those sites. On the picture resizer, you can find the preset sizes for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Pick the one you need and get rid of resizing images by constantly adjusting.

Resize photo

Proper Size for Content Creation

To maintain visual consistency, content creators often resize image pixels when integrating them into artistic creations. Our image resizer facilitates your workflow, allowing you to craft stunning visuals for presentations, brochures, and creative projects effortlessly. Just upload the photo and enter the proper dimensions.

Preview the Size You Will Use

Amazon Product Image

Amazon Product Image


Instagram Post

Instagram Post

1080 x1080

Instagram Story

Instagram Story

1080 x 1920

YouTube Profile

YouTube Profile

800 x 800

YouTube Banner

YouTube Banner

2560 x1440

YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail

1280 x 720

Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover

820 x 312

Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile

180 x 180

Facebook Post

Facebook Post

1280 x 628

What They Say About Our Image Resizer

I run an online store individually and often need to edit my product images. When I find AnyErase PNG image resizer, I can unload the burden. It can automatically remove photo backgrounds and allows me to use the preset sizes for Amazon.




Amazon Seller

Being an active user of social media, I like to share my life clips. This Instagram photo resizer delivers a convenient way to customize the photo size. I can pick the ready-to-use size for Instagram posts and Facebook posts.




Instagram user

AnyErase is a handy tool for simple editing. I often use it to process photo backgrounds and change image resolution. It's a time-saver that greatly boosts my efficiency. I think it could be helpful for guys who are not tech-savvy.




Freelance designer

Experience the ease and efficiency of our image resizer. Better visuals are here.


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