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How to Change PNG Color Online?

  • Original photo

    Import a PNG photo into this background color replacer site.

  • Remove photo background

    The AI-powered tool will remove the unwanted background instantly.

  • Add new color backgroud

    Pick a color or backdrop to add background to PNG.

Tailor Your Photo with Customized Tools

Pro cutout modes

Pro Cutout Modes

Choose the exclusive cutout mode to remove background from the target subject with impeccable results.

Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds
Add stylish backgrounds

Stylish Background

Upload stylish images to be the new photo background and showcase the subject against a proper backdrop.

Custom size

Custom Size

Customize the dimensions or use the preset sizes for Amazon products, Instagram posts, etc., to get ready photos efficiently.

Stunning Features of PNG Color Changer Online Tool

Quickly Make PNG Transparent

For an AI-powered PNG maker, it is essential to have the ability to remove the background from the photo automatically. Once you upload a PNG photo, AnyEraser can identify the background and erase the pixels on it instantly. Now, the transparent photo allows you to add background to PNG as you like.

Change Color of PNG Swiftly

After the original dull background is removed, you can variably change PNG background color to achieve different effects. For example, you can add white background to PNG or make logo white to emphasize the characteristics of the subject, or you can replace a brilliant color to catch people's attention.

Add Background to PNG with More Customization

Users have unique tastes and preferences, so it's difficult to meet all needs with several ready-to-use colors. In that case, we offer a color panel where users are free to find a hue they like and then change background color of image. More than solid white or blue, countless colors are generated as you change the RGB value.

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