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9 Photo Background Editing Apps in 2023

Amelia Patel | Updated: Feb 21, 2024

Have you ever taken a great photo only to have to abandon it because of a cluttered or distracting background? Editing its background is a great way to save the photo. Whether you want to edit or remove the existing background, we’re here to help you. We believe your photos will be more attractive to others if they are lively and interesting.

So, how do we edit background of an image? Background editing apps can help you achieve your desired effect. If you are looking for a photo background editor, you have come to the right place. Here, we will introduce you to 9 popular photo background editing apps in 2023.

3 Apps to Edit Background of Photo on Android & iOS

The mobile app can provide you with services anytime and anywhere, helping you edit picture backgrounds more efficiently and save time. Here is a list of three photo background editing apps. Keep reading to learn about their features.


Picsart icon

Available on iOS & Android

Key Features:

  • Cutout unwanted clutter automatically
  • Set up trending effects & stylish fonts
  • Add text and photo
  • Follow your interested artists and hashtags

Price: $7 per month for professional

Picsart is a popular photo editing application that allows you to draw directly, apply effects to photos, and add text and stickers. It also provides a section where you can follow your favorite artists and hashtags. Its interface is very beginner-friendly and offers clear options, making it a must-have tool for anyone looking to add a creative touch to their photos. A feature worth mentioning in Picsart is Replay. It lets you recreate your original editing, adjust it, and personalize it with a step-by-step breakdown of the editing process.

Regarding background manipulation, Picsart also offers many tools. One of its useful tools is the Cutout, which is of great help for removing unwanted photo background. The tool offers AI recognition on specific objects like people, faces, clothes, skies, etc. so that you can cut them out from photo easily. In addition, it provides several selection tools that allows you to precisely pick the pixels you want to remove. With these tools, you can remove any object, person, or the entire background from the image, all in one click. Moreover, you can use stickers and filters in the app and upload custom backgrounds, which gives you even more creativity in background editing.


Fotor icon

Available on iOS & Android

Key Features:

  • AI Cutout and AI Retouch
  • Rich special effects, borders, and stickers
  • Background remover
  • Images enlarge and replace

Price: $3.33 per month for professional

Fotor is an AI-powered comprehensive image editing software that provides a series of image background editing functions, such as crop, touch up, resize, collage, etc.

It provides a wide range of background templates, including solid colors, landscapes, etc. At the same time, you can upload pictures to customize the background. With just a few clicks, you can completely change the look and feel of images to make it stand out. Additionally, Fotor provides built-in brush tools to perfect your cutouts. You can erase the parts you don’t need and restore the parts you want to keep. The brush size is adjustable for better refinement.

It is designed to help you edit background easily, saving you time and effort during the editing process.


PicWish icon

Available on iOS & Android

Key Features:

  • Remove background
  • Blur image
  • Remove objects from photos freely

Price: $5.99 per month for 50 credits

PicWish is a powerful image processing application that uses artificial intelligence technology to help you quickly achieve processing tasks such as image optimization, restoration, and coloring, helping you solve various image processing problems and freeing you from repetitive tasks. It has a neat and clear user interface, which is very friendly.

This app has features like Fix Blur, Cutout, Retouch, etc. It is worth mentioning that it supports batch image processing, which can help you save a lot of time and improve the efficiency of image processing.

3 Online Photo Editors – Fast & Free

Mobile background editing apps give you the convenience to edit photo backgrounds whenever you want. If you are in an urgent need for background changing and don’t want to install a software, you can try the web apps to edit the background.


PhotoRoom web app

Key Features:

  • Replace background with different stylish templates
  • Insert a picture to customize the background
  • Add different eye-catching text, stickers, and emoji
  • Resize and adjust the picture

Price: $12.99 per month

PhotoRoom is a feature-rich background editing web app. It not only has a simple interface that is well-arranged but also has a variety of practical tools. Its online page contains several sections: Templates, Add Text, Insert, Background, Resize, Instant Backgrounds, and Instant Shadows. These features make your photo background editing a piece of cake that you can complete the task with simple clicks. A characteristic feature of PhotoRoom is its support for layer functions, which can help you achieve more complex image processing and design effects.

In addition, PhotoRoom has a rich built-in material library, including various background templates, shapes, icons, etc. You can select and apply these materials according to your needs to make the pictures more wonderful.


Depositphotos online tool

Key Features:

  • Remove background

Price: Free

Depositphotos is a free online AI background remover. Even if you are not a skilled designer, you can successfully remove background from picture without effort. No matter how complex your photo is, Depositphotos can separates the subject from the background and deletes the background after seconds. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the result of AI processing, you can manually erase or keep the background by clicking Erase or Restore. Moreover, the size and hardness of the brush can be adjusted, which can help you achieve the desired effect.


Pixlr background remover

Key Features:

  • Remove background

Price: Free

Pixlr Remove Bg is a free image cutout web app. The most noteworthy thing is that Pixlr supports batch processing. You can upload multiple photos simultaneously and remove their background in batches. It is a very efficient tool. Besides, when you are unsatisfied with the result of AI processing, you can use the tool in the toolbar to manually remove the background. The size of the drawing pencil can also be adjusted.

3 Photo Editing Background Apps for PC

Compared with web apps, desktop apps are more accurate and detailed in background editing. If you need more professional operations, the following three desktop apps will help you.


AnyErase icon

Key Features:

  • AI background removal
  • Background refinement
  • Background library for replacement
  • Preset photo sizes for different platforms

Price: $29.99 for 200 images per month

AnyErase is a powerful and professional photo background editor desktop app. It can handle photos in almost all formats and support batch removal. You can freely edit background of your images using this app to help your photos become more attractive. In addition, with the support of artificial intelligence technology, AnyErase can distinguish the background and the subject in a second and immediately make the background transparent for you to edit. Let’s go for the detailed steps on how to use it.

How Can I Edit Background of a Photo in AnyErase?

Step 1. Run AnyErase, and you will see a window. Click on Remove image background.

Run AnyErase

Step 2. Click the button to upload the picture or drag the picture into the box.

Upload the image to AnyErase

Step 3. Now, you can see the background of the photo has become transparent. Click Edit to edit background.

Edit background

Step 4. If you want to keep some parts of the background, you can choose Restore and draw over the part you want to keep. If you accidentally remove too much, you can click Erase to delete it.

Adjust background manually

Step 5. Click the Shadow button to open the Set Shadow Effect function. You can see that the menu bar has four options, and you can adjust the shadow effect by sliding these buttons. Adding a shadow effect makes the subject of the picture more outstanding.

Set shadow effect

Step 6. Finally, click Export to save the result.

Export the result


GIMP icon

Key Features:

  • A full set of drawing tools, including Brush, Pencil, AirBrush, etc.
  • Supports various common image formats, including GIF, JPG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PDF, PCX, BMP, etc.
  • Supports transformation tools such as Rotate, Crop, Invert, etc.

Price: Free

GIMP is quite powerful and can be used as a simple drawing program or as a high-quality image processing software. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Opening GIMP, you can find that it has a toolbar that looks similar to Photoshop. However, its interface could be better than Photoshop, which is friendly and flexible. In addition, its toolbox, layers, and main canvas are separate, so you can adjust the position you want to place so that it works more smoothly. You can also increase its functionality by adding plug-ins, and it supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and GIF file formats.

The interface of GIMP


inPixio icon

Key Features:

  • Replace background
  • Edge Adjustment
  • Make photomontages
  • Erase Object

Price: $39.99 for professional

The interface of inPixio is simple and has five main sections: Remove Background, Replace Sky, Erase Objects, Make Photomontage and Edit Photo. You can easily and quickly edit backgrounds with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, inPixio has many built-in background templates for you to choose from, and of course, you can also insert your favorite image as a background for your photo. One of its characteristic features is the AI-based photomontage, which helps you instantly cut out a person or object and then, with one click, automatically insert the cutout into interesting new creations, such as magazine covers, cards, and billboards.

In short, inPixio gives you a wide range of tools to optimize your photos with ease of operation. Whether through one-click auto-correction, traditional or creative tools, you’ll find the tools you need to edit your image background.

The interface of inPixio

Comparison of These Editors

 EfficiencyInterfacePriceCharacteristic Functions
PicsartQuickEasy-to-use$7/monthCutout tool; featured tools to adjust photo effect
FotorQuick (slow with large image)Easy-to-use$3.33/monthSeries of featured AI tools; AI background remover, AI enlarger, etc
PicWishRelatively quickEasy-to-use$5.99 for 50 creditsBatch background editing processing
PhotoRoomQuickEasy-to-use$12.99/monthLayer editing
DepositphotosQuickEasy-to-useFreeRemove background
PixlrQuickEasy-to-useFreeRemove background
AnyEraseQuickEasy-to-use$29.99 for 200 imagesRemove background with AI recognition
GIMPQuickProfessionalFreeSeries of professional background editing tools
inPixioQuickEasy-to-use$39.99Make photomontage; replace sky background


In the network era, individuals are likely to share their daily moments on the social media. To make your post more attractive, it is crucial to enhance the visual effects of your images. Therefore, editing the background of an image is undoubtedly the most effective way to do this. Free app or online tools are economic if you have occasional needs for photo background editing while professional but paid photo background editors may be a better choice for users who frequently use such tools.

We suggest you compare the pros and cons of the 9 programs above according to your needs to find the best photo background editing app for you to use. We sincerely hope this post will help you.


1. Where can I edit the photo background?

There are many ways to edit background of your photos. Here, we recommend using a web app, such as PhotoRoom. PhotoRoom has a large number of appealing background templates inside for you to choose from, and in addition to that, it also offers various tools and features to help you edit background of your pictures.

2. Is there an efficient app to edit background of a photo?

Yes. AnyErase is an efficient photo background editing app. You just need to upload an image, and it will automatically remove the background. Then, click on Edit to make your photo background more attractive.