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Home > Blog > Image Background Removal Tips > Extract Signature from Image – 6 Best Tools in 2024

Extract Signature from Image – 6 Best Tools in 2024

Amelia Patel | Updated: Apr 11, 2024

In today’s fast-paced society, a handwritten signature is indispensable in domestic and international trade. However, sometimes, due to time and space constraints, you will find it hard to sign your signature directly on a paper or document. Therefore, having a digital signature is of great importance in business trade, smoothing your working procedure.

For the first time, you may feel confused about what tool you can use to create a digital signature. Also, you may feel time-consuming and tricky to adjust your digital signature.

In this part, we will take you through the 6 best background removers for signature on any device. They all have excellent performance and will give you a stand-out digital signatur

Part 1. Free Signature Extractors Online


AnyEraser is an excellent signature extractor that provides one-click convenience for making transparent signatures.

Powered by AI technology, this transparent signature editor can quickly identify your signature from the handwriting file, ensuring a clear and smooth signature cutout from the file.

In summary, AnyEraser delivers fast speeds, quick responses, and an exceptional editing experience for your signature..


Well, how to extract signature from image with AnyEraser? Easy steps are shown as following.

First, upload your signature in the designated place to extract signature from image. Then, wait a while, and you will get a perfect transparent signature PNG file. Finally, download it onto your device. To better show your signature, we recommend you HD quality.

Remove background with AnyEraser


As an online background remover, Pixlr offers you a platform for creating signature with transparent background, meeting your basic need of adding signature to photo online free, like removing background and downloading a PNG format file.

This online transparent background maker features some AI tools such as auto crop and detailed cutout. Moreover, it supports downloading multiple edited signatures once as a zip to better keep your signature PNG files.


Part 2. Handy Signature Background Removers on iOS/Android

Apowersoft Background Eraser

Available on: iOS and Android

Size: 62.3M

Apowersoft is a popular background eraser among mobile users. Thanks for its excellent performance on background removal, you can use it to make signature transparent with ease and are allowed to save signature as PNG format. 

Additionally, after editing and enhancing your signature, you are allowed to add your own photo as your signature background in Apowersoft.

In a word, it is invented for your convenience and availability if you are unwilling to do some complicated editings on a computer. Instead, it shows you a relatively perfect cutout of a transparent signature PNG image on your phone.



Available on: iOS and Android

Size: 139M

PicWish is another powerful mobile app that instantly identifies signatures by photo, and converts digital signatures to PNG format with transparent background. It offers you comprehensive tools for enhancement and manual removal tool and keeps original style of your signature. When uploading pictures, you are allowed to choose multiple photos at a time.

In a word, it will provide you with a smooth workflow and a top-notch transparent signature.


Pasrt 3. Excellent Transparent Signature Creators on PC


Available on: Windows/Mac

When comparing AnyEraser’s desktop version with online services, the advantages become even more apparent.

Compared with the online service, AnyErase harnesses the AI-powered techniques, offering a wide array of editing functions beyond mere signature extraction. It allows you to delete backgrounds from up to 50 pictures simultaneously, seamlessly change backgrounds sourced from your gallery, and fine-tune dimensions using either manual tools or preset templates for resizing.

In addition, you can come to the “Add Watermark to Image” section to add signature to file after you got the transparent signature.


iMyFone MagicPic

Available on: Windows

iMyFone MagicPic is a handy background remover that adopts advanced algorithm for excellent background removal. In this field, you can make good use of it when creating transparent signature.

A noticeable feature is that this tool allows you to edit images in bulk, which greatly saves your time and boosts workflow. You can use it to create digital signature from image in batches. Furthermore, you can choose manual editing in further process for better effects.

However, if you need to download all your signatures at once, you have to pay extra credits.

iMyFone MagicPic


Available on: Windows

Canva is a comprehensive online graphic design tool. It also provides a free-to-use section for removing background from signature. Featuring various edit tools, Canva unleashes your creativity when signing your unique signature.

Unlike the previous background removers, it provides free trials for new users but requires monthly payments to extract background from images.



A PNG signature with transparent background is widely applied in today’s digital world and business events.

In this page, we have taken you through 6 best image to signature converters in 2024.

Among these tools, AnyEraser would be your first choice when editing your signature online, because it offers AI-powered and one-click removal functions. If you are an iOS or Android smartphone user, it is best for you to download PicWish and try its comprehensive enhancement tools. Or you tend to edit your signature on PC, we recommend you AnyErase for its all-in-one signature editing tools.

After comparing these tools, we believe AnyEraser and its desktop application will help you extract signature from image quickly and easily.

Hope this tutorial can be informative to you.


How to remove background from signature?

You can choose AnyEraser to create signature with transparent background. The remover with AI recognition will automatically offer you a clear and smooth cutout. You only need to upload your signature and wait within a minute to check the results and download it.

How can I add signature to photo online free?

You should first use an online signature extractor to get a transparent signature, which can be pasted to any file without clashing your contents. Then, find a tool which supports adding watermark to photos to add the transparent signature to photo. Our desktop product - AnyErase, features both background remover and watermark adder. You can successfully add signature to photo for free with this one-stop program.