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Home > Blog > Transparent Maker Tips > Create a Transparent Signature Online – 2024 Quick Way

Create a Transparent Signature Online – 2024 Quick Way

Alex Sullivan | Updated: Mar 21, 2024

With many companies operating online, having a digital signature is necessary for daily trade and negotiation. It will make the document you sign look more formal and valid.

However, you may encounter the following situations when creating a transparent signature: take much effort to create signature with unfamiliar tools but fails; use some so-called free tools but be prompted to subscribe when download the file or get a final signature which comes with a white background.

Today, this article will cover all you desire to know about and show you three excellent online tools for creating a transparent signature.

Now, let’s get started!

Part 1. Benefits of Using a Transparent Signature

When signing a digital document, a signature with an unclean background will be incompatible with the paper’s cover. As a result, the document may not show its validity and be formal enough. Therefore, using a transparent signature is of great benefit.

1. Widely applied. You can use transparent signatures in any circumstance with different document colors. 

2. Professional. By applying a transparent signature, your handwritten signature can be embedded in online documents sharply and cleanly. In this way, your charm and profession can be fully displayed.

Part 2. 3 Online Tools for Creating a Transparent Signature

In making digital documents, Some people prefer to convert an image into a digital signature, as they believe that a natural and authentic handwritten signature can better express originality and creativity. Others, however, tend to use typed or drawn signatures.

To cater to different demands, we have selected three featured tools to create a transparent signature online, including a background remover for extracting a signature from your handwritten image, and signature generator for a creating e-signature by typing or using a handy tool to create an e-signature directly.

Stick with us to choose one you need.

AnyEraser – Free Signature PNG Maker

AnyEraser is a handy online background remover for creating a transparent signature. It features AI recognition and will ensure your signature is clear and intact. With its fast processing speed, AnyEraser free signature PNG maker will convert signature to digital and make your signatures stand out within seconds.

Main features:

  • Exact recognition with AI power.
  • One-click signature extractor.
  • Digitize handwritten signatures in high quality.

Before using this online tool to create a transparent signature, you need to take a picture of your handwritten signature.

How do you extract signatures from images with this free online tool?

Just follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1. Open AnyEraser signature PNG maker on your device, and drop one of your signatures needed to the designated area.AnyEraser extract signature from picture online
  • Step 2. Your image will be processed automatically.Check the final result to make sure your signature is clear and intact.Check your result
  • Step 3. Click Download button and save the transparent signature in your folder as a PGN file.File your signature

Signature Generator – Convert Signature to Digital Online

Signature Generator is a tool that allows you to text or draw your name online to form your e-signature without uploading photos to your computer. With this online signature PNG generator, you can make a transparent background signature when you are not at home or don’t have paper and a pen.

Main features:

  • Web-based tool for creating transparent signature.
  • Two ways to enter your name: Type or Draw.
  • Personal designs available: font, size, color, etc.

Here are the ways on how to create a transparent signature with Signature Generator:

  • Step 1. Head to this signature creator.Head to Signature Generator
  • Step 2. Enter your name in the bar and design the signature with font, size, color, background, etc.Type your name and change the details
  • Step 3. Move your mouse to change the slope and slant. Move mouse to change slope and slant
  • Step 4. Hit Download e-Signature at the bottom to save your file.Save the file


If you tend to create signature with cursive handwritten, click the Draw button to create a signature transparent. Move your mouse or connect your computer with other devices like graphics tablets to draw your name.

Google Drawings – Sign Your E-Signature Manually

Google Drawings is a professional office tool. It offers a wide range of shapes to create diagrams and charts. Of course, it can also create a transparent signature for you.

Main features:

  • Comprehensive format options.
  • Various tools for drawings.
  • Large workspace for editing.
  • Subsidiary lines for drawing.

Here are the instructions about how to use it:

  • Step 1. Open its online page and sign in with your Google account:Open Google Drawings
  • Step 2. Hit the line pattern, and choose “free curve/scribble” to write your name on the blank workspace with your computer mouse. You can also write down your name by connecting it to your device like a graphics tablet, to create smooth handwriting.Click button to choose line
  • Step 3. Change your signature’s color, size, slant, or other appearance by choosing tools on the top menu. Choose right tools to change its appearance
  • Step 4. Download your transparent signature PNG file signature by clicking the  Download button on the left.Tap the button to save your image


In this article, we have introduced three online tools for creating a transparent signature. We are sure they will meet your needs for making your own signature or a digital one. Unlike downloading software, an excellent online service saves time, boosts efficiency, and gives you a new experience.

If you favor your cursive handwritten signature by removing background from it , our product – AnyEraser would be your first choice. This online signature PNG maker helps you extract signature from image automatically.

Here we highly recommend you to give it a shot!


Should I use PNG or JPG for signature?

You should save your digital signature with PNG format.JPG supports millions of colors, making it a good choice for images with gradients, but it cannot support transparency. Therefore, when you have a need for transparent images, you’d better choose PNG file which is particularly useful for images with transparency, such as signatures and icons, due to its alpha channel support.

How do I convert an image to a digital signature?

With a signature image in your device, you can upload the photo to a image background remover like AnyEraser, and the tool will extract signature from image automatically. Finally, you can download the signature PNG file and add the digital signature to any document.

How do I remove the white background from my signature?

You can choose our product AnyEraser to create signature image by uploading a picture of your signature. The exact AI-powered remover will offer you satisfying results automatically. What you only need to do is to upload your signature and wait seconds to make sure the background is being removed.