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6 Recommended Apps to Change Background of Photo Easily

Amelia Patel | Updated: Feb 19, 2024

With tens of years of development of smartphones, smartphone photography has become increasingly popular due to its convenience. You can take a photo wherever you like and send it to your friend or post it on social media immediately. What’s more, you can retouch your photos with ease with plenty of handy apps available on your phone.

Here we are going to introduce to you 6 useful apps to change background of a photo. You can easily replace photo background with a solid color to accentuate the subject, or with a fancy background to increase the visual appeal of the photo. Now, let’s get started.

Recommended Apps to Change Background

Here are numerous apps to change image background on a phone. Here, we will briefly introduce to you 6 of them, of which three require payment and the other three are free to use. Let’s move on.

1. Facetune


Available on: Android & iOS

Facetune, as its name implies, is a photo editor app designed to retouch your selfies. It provides users with various tools that enhance the features of headshots, such as the tools of Reshape, Whiten, Makeup, Hairstyle, etc. It can also serve as a photo background changer.

Open Facetune, tap on Import to pick a photo from your device, and it will open that photo with a bottom bar showing various tools to edit it. Slide the tools bar to the right, and you will find Backdrop, a simple background changer. With the Backdrop tool, you can add background to photo, be it a solid color background or a photo. It produces a high-quality output, which has an accurate cutout with clean and natural edges, so that it does not clash with the new background you add to it. However, only paid VIP users can utilize the Backdrop tool.

Albeit Facetune’s amazing features, it has a drawback. It requires a network connection to process the photo, which means it will not work in offline situations.

2. Fotor


Available on: Android & iOS

Fotor is an all-in-one photo editor with many powerful tools that vary from practical ones, such as BG Remover or Teeth Whitening, to some hot novel functions like AI Generate. It has an intuitive interface that enables you to easily find the tool you need. It can do many things for you, including background replacement.

Among Fotor’s multiple tools, the handy BG Remover allows you to change background of photo, saving your time editing the background. To change image background, you should tap on the BG Remover, pick a photo on your phone. Then, you can get an image with a transparent background. Finally, pick a photo you like on your phone as a new background to replaced photo background with it.

Fotor’s output quality is amazing, giving you a precise cutout with clean and smooth edges that fits all backgrounds you pick.

However, it requires a paid Pro account to use many of its functions, including the full functions of the BG Remover. If you are a free user, you cannot get a transparent background or replace photo background with an image you like.

3. Canva


Available on: Android & iOS

Canva is a popular graphic design platform with numerous tools that help you edit or create social media pictures or presentations. And of course, it is also one of the apps to change background of a photo. As an all-in-one app, you can easily add any special designs you like to a photo; and with its many tools that are specialized for social media, you can easily get appealing photos to post on social media.

To change background of photo, you have to make use of the BG Remover tool. Open a photo in Canva, tap on it, and a menu will pop up from the bottom. Choose BG Remover and Canva will automatically remove the background from that image in seconds. Then, tap on the background layer, and you can edit background of the photo as you like. You can add a color to the background or import a photo background from your device.

The result quality is high with accurate and smooth cutout that can fit any background well. However, you have to pay for a Premium version to use the BG Remover tool, as well as many of its photo editing functions.

4. Background Eraser – Remove BG

Background Eraser - Remove BG

Available on: Android & iOS

Background Eraser – Remove BG, with a size of 38.24 MB, is a compact and handy app to change background of a photo. It has two primary tools: a background remover that helps you edit background of a photo, and an AI Avatar tool that produces AI-generated cartoon avatars based on your selfies. There are many useful feature tools in Background Remover and AI Avatar.

The tool we use to change image background is Background Remover. If you tap on + Create to select an image from your phone, and the app will automatically remove its background in seconds. Tap on the tick at the top right to go to the next step, and then choose Background to add background to photo. Finally, you can tap on Save to export the result to your device. The high-resolution result requires a premium account of $3.99 a year or $7.99 for a one-time purchase.

This app has many advantages. It is smaller in size and quicker in processing. What’s more, its many functions are free to use, and its premium account costs extremely lower than others.


Available on: Android & iOS

Many background removers can also serve as apps to change background of photos, among which is the platform known as It is a professional background which is equipped with advanced technology so you can trust in its precision of outputs. It has an intuitive interface that shows you clearly what you should do.

The process of changing background includes simple steps. Tap on Upload Image to pick a photo from your phone, then tap on Edit to add a background to photo, and finally tap on Download to save the result. It only uses an extremely small size of 10.57 mb to do these jobs.

It cannot work offline, however, which is one of its disadvantages. What’s more, it can only remove or replace photo background and has no tools that enhance the visual appeal of an image.


Available on: Android & iOS is another background remover app that can help you with the background replacement of photos. Like the previous app, it is characterized by an intuitive interface, simple steps, a small size of 12.35 MB, highly accurate results, and the requirement for a network connection. But unlike the other apps, it supports more picture formats, including PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WebP.

It has two disadvantages. It has a limitation of resolution under 5000 x 5000 pixels, and its functions are confined to background removal and background replacement.

COMPARISON of Those Apps

To get the best app, you should consider many factors to figure out what best suits your needs.

Below is a table showing 4 factors we usually consider and the performances of the 6 apps on them. You can make a judgment by yourself and choose the app you need.

 EfficiencyOutput PrecisionPriceFunctions
FacetuneQuick (slow with bad network)High$8/month
Tools that make your selfies more attractive
FotorQuickHigh$39.99/yearSeries of tools to enhance features of images
CanvaRelatively quickHigh$14.99/month $119.99/yearSet of tools to create attractive images for social meida
Background Eraser -Remove BGQuickHighBG changer is free to useBackground changer and AI Avatar
remove.bgQuickHighFreeOnly background remover
Erase.bgQuickHighFree for limited resolution outputsOnly background remover

Bonus: A Free Alternative Background Changer Online


 Although all of these apps launch the function for background changing, most of them charges fees for the useful feature. To cater to your need for free and handy tool, we find the adorable workaround for you.

AnyEraser is a professional background remover that is developed as an online program. It automatically removes unwanted backgrounds from photos first, and then you are allowed to set the transparent background to any color with the preset templates. This tool gives a big hand on making a professional passport photo maker and the like.  By the way, you can access more editing features on AnyErase if you download the desktop app. 


As smartphones takes a dominant part in photography, handling the photo editing on our mobile devices has become crucial to enhance the visual allure of our images. Among the various techniques available, background replacement stands out as an effective approach.On this page, you can learn information about 6 apps to change background of a photo and choose one suitable app to replace photo background with a more attractive one. Hope you feel this page is helpful.


1. How can I change the background of a picture?

There are plenty of ways to change the photo background. Here, we recommend you utilize a web background changer, like AnyEraser, to do this. You just need to upload an image and it will automatically remove the background. Then, click on Upload to choose a picture from your device as a new background.

2. Is there a free app to change the background of a photo?

Background Eraser – Remove BG is a free app that changes the background of a photo. Tap on Create to pick a picture from your phone, tap on the tick at the top right, and then select Background on the bottom tools bar to pick a new background from your phone.